The Moon Society Acquires The Lunar Resources Company


April 5, 2020

The Moon Society acquires The Lunar Resources Company and Plans to Refine the 1990s-Era Artemis Project

The Moon Society is proud to announce that we have officially gained control of The Lunar Resources Company, a for-profit corporation founded in 1994 and an early advocate of commercial lunar bases and permanent lunar settlement. The Moon Society has purchased a majority of outstanding shares of the Lunar Resources Company from its original founders and shareholders, and are offering to purchase the remaining outstanding shares for a period of five years.

Greg Bennett's 1995 article introducing the Artemis Project published in Analog Magazine started the modern commerical lunar development community and ignited the space advocacy community to undertake similar projects.

The Lunar Resources Company was organized to advance and engage in space flight as a commercial enterprise, to establish and operate a permanent manned lunar base, and to transact any and all lawful business--on Earth, in outer space, and on other celestial bodies--for which corporations may be incorporated under the Texas Business Corporation Act, and was registered as a for-profit corporation in Texas on November 10, 1994.

The assets of the Lunar Resources Company, including its Artemis Project commerical lunar settlement concepts, hardware designs, other commerical projects, and other intellectual property, will now be incorporated into and managed by the Moon Society towards our shared goal of commercial lunar settlement.

The Lunar Resources Company will now be a fundamental part of the Moon Society, and they will operate together as one organization. We see this relationship as analagous to how the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation operate together.

The Moon Society is a distributed team of individuals spread across the United States, with over 3400 members on Facebook. Since 2000, the organization has maintained its registration as a Texas Non-Profit Corporation and currently maintains a registered agent office in Austin, Texas. Our primary mailing address is in Pasadena, Maryland with key staff members located in Washington DC, Seattle, New York, Florida, and Texas.